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Why Containers Are the Best Way to Test Software Performance

Containers can simulate real-life workloads for enterprise applications without the high cost of other solutions. Software performance and scalability are frequent topics when we talk about application development. A big reason for that is an application's performance and scalability directly...
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How to Build Clusters for Scientific Applications-as-a-Service

How can we make a workload easier on cloud? In a previous article we presented the lay of the land for HPC workload management in an OpenStack environment. A substantial part of the work done to date focuses on automating the creation of a software-defined workload management environment – SLURM-as...
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Open Source AI
Both Google and Microsoft are drawing benefits from open sourcing their artificial intelligence tools, as community development makes the tools stronger.

Open Source AI Solutions Evolve through Community Development

Tech titans ranging from Google to Facebook have been steadily open sourcing powerful artificial intelligence and deep learning tools, and now Microsoft is out with version 2.0 of the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. It’s an open source software framework previously dubbed CNTK, and it competes with...
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Supercomputing by API: Connecting Modern Web Apps to HPC

In this video from OpenStack Australia, David Perry from the University of Melbourne presents: Supercomputing by API – Connecting Modern Web Apps to HPC. OpenStack is a free and open-source set of software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds....
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The Biggest Shift in Supercomputing Since GPU Acceleration

If you followed what was underway at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) this week, you will already know this shift is deep learning. Just two years ago, we were fitting this into the broader HPC picture from separate hardware and algorithmic points of view. Today, we are convinced...
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Quantum Computing in the Enterprise: Not So Wild a Dream

We discussed these trends with David Schatsky, of the Deloitte University think tank, who has recently written on the state of quantum, and pressed him to predict quantum computing’s next important milestone toward commercial viability. Such is the elusive nature of the technology, and in the...
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FD.io: Breaking the Terabit Barrier!

 At launch, FD.io’s VPP technology could route/switch at half a Terabit per second at multimillion fib entry scales.  Close examination of the bottlenecks revealed that it was being limited by the ability of the PCI bus to deliver packets from the NIC to the CPU.  VPP had headroom to do more, but...
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Linux Owns Supercomputing

The US is falling behind in the supercomputer race, but no matter where a supercomputer is running, one thing remains true: It's running Linux. In the latest Top500 Supercomputer competition, which was revealed in June 2017, 498 out of 500 supercomputers were running Linux. Of the remaining two,...
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U.S. Slips in New Top500 Supercomputer Ranking

In June, we can look forward to two things: the Belmont Stakes and the first of the twice-yearly TOP500 rankings of supercomputers. This month, a well-known gray and black colt named Tapwrit came in first at Belmont, and a well-known gray and black supercomputer named Sunway TaihuLight came in...
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An Introduction to Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a library for building streaming apps that transform input Kafka topics into output Kafka topics. In this article, learn how to implement Kafka Streams. If you are working on a huge amount of data, you may have heard about Kafka. At a very high level, Kafka is a fault tolerant,...
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