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Kubernetes Logging As Easy As 1..2..3

If you're considering or have already started using Kubernetes, one thing you absolutely cannot get around is having proper logging throughout your system to debug your applications in case of unexpected errors.   At Wercker, we use 3 technologies to set up our logging infrastructure: AWS...
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Kubernetes Magic Kingdom
Make some of the magic happen for yourself, said Disney senior cloud engineer Blake White in his talk at CloudNativeCon.

How Disney Is Realizing the Multi-Cloud Promise of Kubernetes

The Walt Disney Company is famous for “making magic happen,” and their cross-cloud, enterprise level Kubernetes implementation is no different. In a brief but information-packed lightning talk at CloudNativeCon in Seattle in November, Disney senior cloud engineer Blake White laid out a few of the...
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New Framework Uses Kubernetes to Deliver Serverless App Architecture

A new framework built atop Kubernetes is the latest project to offer serverless or AWS Lambda-style application architecture on your own hardware or in a Kubernetes-as-a-service offering. The Fission framework keeps the details about Docker and Kubernetes away from developers, allowing them to...
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Erik St. Martin
The Kubernetes platform for dealing with applications clusters is very well suited to help Comcast update to an IP-based streaming system, said Erik St. Martin at CloudNativeCon.

Kubernetes Helps Comcast Re-Engineer Cable TV

Comcast cable is undergoing a major technical shift. The company is moving away from an always-on transmission of every single channel to every single customer, with the signal converted on either end by a piece of proprietary hardware, which is how cable has worked for decades. The new system is...
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Python client for Kubernetes
Sebastien Goasguen takes the new Python client for Kubernetes for a spin.

Enjoy Kubernetes with Python

Over the past few years it seems that every cool and trending project is using Golang, but I am a Python guy and I feel a bit left out! Kubernetes is no stranger to this, it is written in Go, and most clients that you will find are based on the Go client. Building a Kubernetes client has become...
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Chen Goldberg
Chen Goldberg, Director of Engineering, Container Engine and Kubernetes at Google, explains the value of the Kubernetes community during her keynote at CloudNativeCon.

How the Kubernetes Community Drives The Project’s Success

Kubernetes is a hugely popular open source project, one that is in the top percentile on GitHub and that has spawned more than 3,000 other projects. And although the distributed application cluster technology is incredibly powerful in its own right, that’s not the sole reason for its success. “We...
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6 Container Themes to Track in 2017

The container craze will turn four next year. Yes, Linux containers have been around longer than that, but the rise of Docker—first released to the public on March 20, 2013—has sparked the surge of interest we’re riding right now. It’s a fascinating adolescent phase, as containers not only roll...
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CloudNative/Kubernetes Roadshow
Join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation on the road February 7-9 in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. The first ever Cloud Native/Kubernetes 101 Roadshow: Pacific Northwest will introduce key concepts, resources, and opportunities for learning more about cloud native computing.

What You’ll Learn at Cloud Native/Kubernetes 101 Roadshow: Pacific Northwest!

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is taking to the road February 7-9  in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver to offer end users, developers, students and other community members the ability to learn from experts at Red Hat, Apprenda and CNCF on how to use Kubernetes and other cloud native...
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eBay Builds Its Own Tool to Integrate Kubernetes and OpenStack

From Day One of eBay's cloud journey, the e-commerce company has focused on keeping its developers happy, according to Suneet Nandwani, eBay's senior director of cloud infrastructure and platforms. That's led to several challenges and innovations at the company, the latest of which is the...
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Sam Ghods
Sam Ghods, co-founder of Box, discusses Kubernetes’ combination of portability and extensibility during his CloudNativeCon keynote in November.

Kubernetes: A True Cloud Platform

The Kubernetes community is building a platform that will make application development completely cloud infrastructure agnostic. Sam Ghods, co-founder of Box, said Kubernetes’ combination of portability and extensibility put it in a class of its own for cloud application development, during his...
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