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Testing Distributed Systems in Go

What is etcd etcd is a key-value store for the most critical data of distributed systems. Use cases include applications running on Container Linux by CoreOS, which enables automatic Linux kernel updates. CoreOS uses etcd to store semaphore values to make sure only subset of cluster are rebooting...
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Kubernetes at Ticketmaster
Justin Dean, Ticketmaster’s SVP of Platform and Technical Operations, explains the company's massive public cloud strategy that uses Kubernetes.

Ticketmaster Chooses Kubernetes to Stay Ahead of Competition

If you’ve ever gone to an event that required a ticket, chances are you’ve done business with Ticketmaster. The ubiquitous ticket company has been around for 40 years and is the undisputed market leader in its field. To stay on top, the company is trying to ensure its best product creators can...
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Five Key Takeaways from KubeCon 2016

Now that KubeCon 2016 is over, we have some time to reflect on the State of the Kubernetes project and communities, the event itself, and the marketplace going forward into 2017. Red Hat has been a part of this community since well before it was launched, but it’s incredibly important to understand...
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Kubernetes 1.5: Supporting Production Workloads

We're announcing the release of Kubernetes 1.5. This release follows close on the heels of KubeCon/CloundNativeCon, where users gathered to share how they’re running their applications on Kubernetes. Many of you expressed interest in running stateful applications in containers with the eventual...
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CoreOS Updates its Tectonic Container Platform to Make Updates Easy

CoreOS today launched an update to its Kubernetes-based Tectonic container management service that makes it easy for its users to enable automatic updates of both Kubernetes itself and the containers it manages. Until now, it was surprisingly hard to keep a Kubernetes cluster updated without...
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Kubernetes 1.5 Brings Container Management to Windows

New release of open-source Kubernetes container orchestration system adds initial support for Microsoft Windows Server and previews beta stateful application capabilities.The open-source Kubernetes container management system is moving forward with the release of Kubernetes 1.5 on December 15,...
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Red Hat Opens Up OpenShift Dedicated to Google Cloud Platform

When businesses and enterprises begin adopting data center platforms that utilize containerization, then and only then can we finally say that the container trend is sweeping the planet. Red Hat’s starter option for containerization platforms is OpenShift Dedicated — a public cloud-based, mostly...
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Kubernetes High Availability Setup Using Ansible

I have created an Ansible module to create a highly available (HA) Kubernetes cluster with latest release 1.4.x on CentOS 7.X. You can use this module to install Kubernetes HA cluster with just one click, and your cluster will be ready in few minutes.  There are 8 roles defined in this Ansible...
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Kubernetes clusters
By adding cluster federation, Kubernetes can distribute workloads across multiple clusters; learn how in this tutorial.

Federating Your Kubernetes Clusters -- The New Road to Hybrid Clouds

Over the past six months, federation of Kubernetes clusters has moved from proof of concept to a release that is worth checking. Federation was first introduced under somewhat of a code name -- Ubernetes. And then, in Kubernetes v1.3.0, cluster federation appeared. Now, there is extensive...
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Helm, which aims to be the default package manager for Kubernetes, simplifies complex application deployment.

Helm: The Kubernetes Package Manager

Back on October 15th 2016, Helm celebrated its one year birthday. It was first demonstrated ahead of the inaugural KubeCon conference in San Francisco in 2015. What is Helm? Helm aims to be the default package manager for Kubernetes. In Kubernetes, distributed applications are made of various...
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