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People often think in terms of x versus y, but it’s not always a question of one technology versus another. Ben Hindman explains how Mesos can complement other technologies.

Mesos and Kubernetes: It's Not a Competition

The roots of Mesos can be traced back to 2009 when Ben Hindman was a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley working on parallel programming. They were doing massive parallel computations on 128-core chips, trying to solve multiple problems such as making software and libraries run...
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Running Java in a Container

What are the pitfalls of running Java or JVM-based applications in containers? In this article, Jörg Schad and Ken Sipe discuss the challenges and solutions. The Java Virtual Machine (not even with the Java 9 release) is not fully aware of the isolation mechanisms that containers are built around....
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Open source involves a culture of understanding change. It’s about evolution as a group, says Mesosphere’s CMO Peter Guagenti.

Sustainable Open Source Is About Evolution As a Group

In the early days of open source, one of the primary goals of the open source community was educating people about the benefits of open source and why they should use it. Today, open source is ubiquitous. Almost everyone is using it. That has created a unique challenge around educating new users...
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Mesosphere DC/OS Brings Large-Scale Real-Time Processing to Geospatial Data

All of a sudden, the planet Earth has become one of the world’s most important sources of real-time data. So the business of gathering that data — climate information, travel and commuting data, crime statistics, sporting event attendance, freeway traffic — is growing on behalf of the growing...
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MesosCon Europe CFP is closing soon! Submit your proposal by July 28 for consideration.

Share Your Mesos Expertise: Submit a Proposal for MesosCon Europe Today

The Call For Papers (CFP) for MesosCon Europe is closing soon! Submit your proposal by July 28 for consideration. MesosCon is an annual conference that brings together users and developers to share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem. The conference will feature two days of...
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MesosCon North America -- taking place Sept. 13-15 in Los Angeles, CA -- brings together users and developers to learn about Mesos and its growing ecosystem.

Industry Experts from Yelp, IBM, Netflix, and More Will Speak at MesosCon in Los Angeles

Conference highlights for MesosCon North America -- taking place Sept. 13-15 in Los Angeles, CA -- include real-world experiences and insight from companies deploying Mesos in the datacenter. This annual conference brings together users and developers to share and learn about the Mesos project and...
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Your Container Orchestration Needs: Kubernetes vs. Mesos vs. Docker Swarm

On a recent client project, I’ve been asked to compare the 3 main players on the market for container orchestration and cluster management solution, these are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos (a.k.a Data Center Operating System). Last year in October a feature comparison matrix was created by the...
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Share your best practices, lessons learned, and case studies with the Mesos community; submit your talk proposal for MesosCon NA soon.

Submit Your Talk for MesosCon NA: CFP Closes June 30

The MesosCon program committee is now seeking your fresh ideas, enlightening case studies, best practices, or deep technical knowledge to share with the Apache Mesos community at MesosCon North America and Europe in 2017. Submit a proposal to speak at MesosCon North America » The deadline is June...
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Mesosphere Extends Data Services Reach

As critical as container orchestration itself might be, most IT organizations view that capability as the means to a larger end. To drive that point home even further, Mesosphere this week has released an update to its DC/OS platform that provides access to more than 100 different data services...
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Jason Adelman
For more than a year, the Watson Platform team has been running multiple services in production on a common environment based on Mesos. Jason Adelman explains how they set up networking, scheduling, auto-scaling, and use chaos testing to keep everything operating smoothly.

Lessons Learned Running IBM Watson on Mesos

All these newfangled container and microservices technologies inspire all manner of ingenious experiments, and running IBM's Watson on Apache Mesos has to be one of the most -- maybe it's not fair to say crazy -- but certainly ambitious. Jason Adelman of IBM tells us the story of this novel...
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