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Moving Toward a Services Based Architecture with Mesos

Over the past few years at Strava, server side development has transitioned from our monolithic Ruby on Rails app (The Monorail) to a service oriented architecture with services written in Scala, Ruby, and golang. Top: Commits to our monolithic rails app. Bottom: Total private repositories at...
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wall of tools
"Mesos and Aurora make it really easy for engineers at Twitter to deploy their service to multiple environments and clusters... However, orchestrating the deploy pipeline across each step was still left to users. This was done through complex CI job configurations, with bespoke deploy tooling, or even worse - completely manually."

How Twitter Avoids the Microservice Version of “Works on My Machine”

Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora initially helped Twitter engineers to implement more sophisticated DevOps processes and streamline tooling, says software engineer David McLaughlin. But over time a whole new class of bespoke tooling emerged to manage deployment across multiple availability zones as...
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Alek Slominski, research staff at IBM Watson Research Center
Alek Slominski, research staff at IBM Watson Research Center will present at MesosCon Europe in Amsterdam, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2016.

IBM Watson Researchers Share Tips for Serverless Computing on Mesos

Serverless computing is the latest trend in cloud computing brought about by the enterprise shift to containers and microservices. Serverless computing platforms promise new capabilities that make writing scalable microservices easier and more cost effective, say IBM software engineer Diana Arroyo...
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Joshua Bernstein
Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technology at EMC, describes the benefits of open source at MesosCon North America.

Open Source Is Key to the Modern Data Center, Says EMC's Joshua Bernstein

Flexibility, freedom, innovation and integration is the answer. The question is why should the enterprise build on open source? How can a business survive if it gives away everything? Joshua Bernstein, Vice President of Technology at EMC, makes the case for enterprise open source in his MesosCon...
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four burgers on a plate
You know the saying: fast, cheap, or good, pick two. Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot show that you can have all three with Apache Mesos.

4 Unique Ways Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot Use Apache Mesos

You know the saying: fast, cheap, or good, pick two. Uber, Twitter, PayPal, and Hubspot show that you can have all three with Apache Mesos. Apache Mesos is a cluster manager; it sits between the application layer and the operating system, and deploys and manages applications in large-scale...
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All About the DC/OS Open Source Project

This article is sponsored by Mesosphere as a Diamond-level sponsor of MesosCon North America. In April Mesosphere, along with 60 partners (including Accenture, Autodesk, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Yelp and Microsoft), announced the DC/OS project, what has been called the first open and comprehensive...
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Demystifying Containers for a Better DevOps Experience

Working with containers in the enterprise often can seem daunting to a business which has no experience with them. Developers and DevOps teams alike can benefit from implementing containers into their infrastructure and pipeline, as a solid container-based development workflow not only allows for...
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Container Orchestration and Scheduling: Herding Computational Cattle

In the world of cloud-native container platforms, the orchestration and scheduler frameworks perform all of these roles for our application “cattle.” The best application “farmers” maximize resource utilization while balancing the constantly changing demands on their systems with the need for fault...
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Mesosphere Open Sources DC/OS Data Center Management Platform

Cloud computing startup Mesosphere has decided to open source its platform for managing data center resources, with the backing of over 60 tech companies, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Cisco Systems. Derived from its Datacenter Operating System, a service that Mesosphere set...
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Denver, Colorado skyline
MesosCon North America will take place June 1-2 in Denver, CO.

Apache Spark and Vsync Creators to Keynote at MesosCon 2016

The Linux Foundation today announced the lineup of keynote speakers and educational sessions for MesosCon North America. The Mesos community will gather June 1-2 in Denver, CO for a full two days of conference sessions, keynotes, evening events and a hackathon to learn more about the Apache Mesos...
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