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What You Need to Know: Kubernetes and Swarm

Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are both popular and well-known container orchestration platforms. You don't need a container orchestrator to run a container, but they are important for keeping your containers healthy and add enough value to mean you need to know about them. This blog post introduces...
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container discovery
Learn how to reliably connect to a container -- no matter where it exists in a cluster.

How Service Discovery Works in Containerized Applications Using Docker Swarm Mode

When I first started considering container use in production environments, a question came to mind: When a container may exist across a cluster of servers, how do I get others (people, or applications) to connect to it reliably, no matter where it is in the cluster? Of course, this problem existed...
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Monitoring Docker Containers with Elasticsearch and cAdvisor

If you’re running a Swarm Mode cluster or even a single Docker engine, you’ll end up asking this question: How do I keep track of all that’s happening? The answer is “not easily.” You need a few things to have a complete overview of stuff like: Number and status of containers If, where, and when...
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All Hail the New Docker Swarm

As part of the Docker Captains program, I was given a preview of Docker 1.12 including the new Swarm integration which is Docker’s native clustering/orchestration solution (also known as SwarmKit, but that’s really the repo/library name). And it’s certainly a big change. In this post I’ll try to...
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