Get Ready for Open Source Summit 2017 in Los Angeles


One of the biggest open source events in the world is right around the corner, and the full schedule has now been announced. The Open Source Summit — Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles, CA — features more than 200 sessions, with additional breakout sessions throughout the day covering technical, leadership, and professional open source tracks.

Some of the session highlights include:

  • The Open Road to Autonomous Driving – Dan Cauchy, Automotive Grade Linux

  • Code Detective: How to Investigate Linux Performance Issues – Gabriel Krisman Bertazi, Collabora

  • Aim to Be an Open Source Zero – Guy Martin, Autodesk

  • How to Fail Fast and Rise Again: A Case Study on Transforming to Cloud Native – Ken Owens, Cisco DevNet

  • First 90 Days: Building an OSS Practice – Nithya Ruff, Comcast

  • Raspberry Pi Hacks – Ruth Suehle, Red Hat

  • From Zero to Serverless in 60 Seconds, Anywhere  – Alex Ellis, AD

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Finding the Right Path to Containerization – Erica von Buelow, CoreOS

  • Data Science: A Containerized, Cloud-Native Approach – Daniel Whitenack, Pachyderm 

On day one, the keynotes start at 9 a.m. and, as usual, Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation will give kick off the event with an overview of Linux and open source. Another highlight of the day will be a keynote discussion between Zemlin and Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux and Git. You can read about other keynote highlights and more reasons to attend the Summit in this article.

Pro tip: If you are planning to attend the day’s first keynote, you should arrive to the venue early in the morning to collect your badge and bag (or do this the day before) to beat the rush. Because this year’s event is a new combination of several events, attendees can expect a bigger crowd

Co-hosted events

The OS Summit brings together leading maintainers, developers, and project leads from around the world, who gather to share updates, best practices, and expertise to further the Linux ecosystem. Additionally, the co-located events mean you will have the opportunity to collaborate, contribute, and learn across a wide variety of topics.

ContainerCon: This event brings together leading experts in both the development and operations community to share ideas and best practices for how containers are shaping computing today and in the future with a focus on DevOps culture, automation, portability and efficiency.

CloudOpen: This conference gathers top professionals to discuss cloud platforms, automation and management tools, DevOps, virtualization, containers, software-defined networking, storage & filesystems, big data tools and platforms, open source best practices and much more.

Open Community Conference: This event provides presentations, tutorials, panel discussions, and networking opportunities that bring together some of the leading practitioners to share their expertise in how you can build powerful communities.

Diversity Empowerment Summit: This event promotes and facilitates an increase in diversity, inclusion, empowerment and social innovation in the open source community, and provides a platform for discussion and collaboration.

And, if you have children, consider bringing them to the Open Source Summit for the full-day kids’ workshop on September 10. The workshop is designed for school-aged children interested in learning more about computer programming. And, you don’t have to worry about babysitting the kids during the rest of the conference; the Open Source Summit offers free childcare for participants.

Register now at the discounted rate of $800 through June 24. Academic and hobbyist rates are also available. Applications are also being accepted for diversity and needs-based scholarships.