Why Enterprises Are Using Node.js for Digital Transformation


As consumers adopt and demand things more quickly, it is essential to have a fluid and quick software development process that will allow businesses to give customers new and different digital experiences. According to a recent Forrester report, Digital Transformation Using Node.js: This Swiss Army Knife is More Than Just an Application Platform and the key topic in our upcoming webinar on July 12 at 11am PT — register here, Node.js is becoming the application platform for building out these digital experiences, by giving developers the ability to:

  • Build APIs that support both application and experience demands.
  • Rapid experimentation with new and existing corporate data
  • Accelerate application modernization
  • Create digital experiences across multiple platforms (not just mobile and web)
  • Innovate on the future connected device experience.

And it’s not just digital startups out of the Silicon Valley that are using Node.js, enterprises around the globe are looking to Node.js to aid in their digital transformation:

The Node.js Foundation will be talking more about why companies are turning to Node.js for digital transformation and Node.js best practices during the above mentioned free webinar on July 12 at 11am PT with Rick Adams, Senior IT Manager with Lowe’s Digital. The conversation will highlight other key findings from the Forrester report.

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