Open Collaboration in Practice at Open Source Summit


A key goal in my career is growing the understanding and best practice of how communities, and open source communities in particular, can work well together. There is a lot of nuance to this work, and the best way to build a corpus of best practice is to bring people together to share ideas and experience.

In service of this, last year I reached out to The Linux Foundation about putting together an event focused on these “people” elements of Open Source such as community management, collaborative workflow, governance, managing conflict, and more. It was called the Open Community Conference, which took place at the Open Source Summit events in Los Angeles and Prague, and everything went swimmingly.

This train though, has to keep moving, and we realized that the scope of the event needed broadening. What about legal, compliance, standards, and other similar topics? They needed a home, and this event seemed like a logical place to house them. So, in a roaring display of rebranding, we renamed the event to the Open Collaboration Conference. It happens again at the Open Source Summit, this year in Vancouver from August 29-31 and then in Edinburgh from October 22-24, 2018.

The upcoming event in Vancouver is looking fantastic. Just like last year, we had a raft of submissions, so thanks everyone for making my job (rightly) difficult for choosing the final set of talks.

Featured Talks

Unsurprisingly, we have some really remarkable speakers, from a raft of different organizations, backgrounds, and disciplines. This includes:

Oh, and I will be speaking, too, delivering a new presentation called “Building Effective Community Leaders: A Guide.” It will cover key principles of leadership and how to bake them into your community, company, or other organization.

In addition to this, don’t forget the fantastic networking, evening events, and other goodness that will be jammed into an exciting few days. As usual, this all takes place at the Open Source Summit, and you view the whole schedule and learn more about how to join us at

Finally, I will be there for the full event. If you want to have a meeting, drop me an email to

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