C++ Programming With Emacs


I am starting work on a computer science Master’s Degree next month. To get a head start, I have started to brush up on my C++ programming skills. On youtube, there are excellent C++ programming tutorials, but most of them use Dev + as their programming environment. When I was in college, I dismissed the university’s proprietary programming solution, Microsoft Visual C++. I found Emacs, and I fell in love Emacs as a development environment.  I run Fedora 11 on my laptop, which features the latest version of Emacs. I also downloaded and tried Eclipse, but I found Eclipse not be as intuitive as Emacs. For now, I will continue to learn on Emacs.


The only disturbing thing is the lack of Emacs C++ programming resources on the Internet. That is one problem that I intend to correct. As I get more proficient, I will start to post Emacs C++ programming tutorials on Youtube. I would also like to write a book entitled “C++ Programming on Emacs”. I found it easy to write basic code in Emacs. Error messages made it easy for me to find problems in my code, and to rapidly fix the errors. Compiling the code was a breeze. In my opinion, Emacs is a simple, productive development environment.