The Cat has Arrived ! Pardus 2009 is Released !

The Announce :

Pardus 2009 hits the servers !


Latest release of Pardus 2009 is ready ! Like always you can
download this release from Pardus FTP servers at

For a smooth installation experience, please verify the checksum of
the ISO files after you have downloaded, use quality CD's and burn the
CD in DAO mode with 16x speed.

The International CD of Pardus 2009, containing 11 languages to choose
from, is also available in FTP.

This new release contains many bugfixes and enhancements. New
shiny KDE4 desktop environment, improved hardware support, latest
releases of Pardus Manager tools, up to date software repository,
performance improvements all over the system etc. are among the many
new features of Pardus 2009.

Pardus 2009 has also been improved graphically in every part of
the distribution. All the splash systems from bootloader to login
screen has been revised. Also with the new release, Pardus' icon theme Milky meets the users.

Latest version of Pardus 2009 contains up to date packages like
KDE 4.2.4
Linux kernel
OpenOffice.Org Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1
Gimp 2.6.6
K3b 1.66
Xorg 1.6.2
Python 2.6.2

and many more in just one CD !

Many thanks to all our developer and users who supported this release -
We hope you'll have as much fun using it as we've had developing.

-- Onur Küçük Knowledge speaks,
<> but wisdom listens