Get Certified on 2017’s Hottest Tech Skills!


Certifications are important for you to showcase tech skills to your employer. The IT certifications are in high demand due to advancement on technologies like cloud computing, Big Data, etc. There are companies where being certified gives you an edge over other candidates. And in some cases, you may be offered a slightly higher pay.

  • PL/SQL Developer

SQL is used across all databases and is useful and necessary in every project that needs to store data (i.e. 99% of all). PL/SQL is a specialty programming language used for coding inside the Oracle database. It fills that role supremely well, but its skills are only useful for a small subset of tasks (database logic) and only with a few organizations (large organizations who need and can afford expensive Oracle databases). The daily responsibilities of an SQL or PL/SQL developer may include writing codes, queries and function in order to manipulate the data and structure of a database using the Structured Query Language.

Following are the advantages of ORACLE Certified PL/SQL Developer:

  • You will get better pay, billing

  • You will get better identity in the market

  • You can get more opportunities if interested to work as a freelancer.

  • Some Customers/Clients prefer certified candidates for their project works.

An SQL developer may also be responsible for querying a database to generate reports or aggregate data for use by others. PL/SQL developers work particularly with Oracle database. These SQL developers may work with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or one of many other database systems. Tech Skills must include knowledge of SQL programming, strong logical and analytical ability. 

  • Cloud/SaaS

Cloud computing is poised to change the way people do business and communicate over the Internet. It is considered to be the upcoming big revolution in the IT industry. So, it goes without mention that if you are a certified and trained cloud computing professional, you would be in great demand. You would also get to learn a lot. Here’s a list of the top cloud computing certification and training companies across the globe.

Cloud Administrator Certifications — Top-notch credentials oriented to the everyday operations, troubleshooting and configuration of cloud technologies.

Cloud Developer Certifications — A handful of credentials of specific value to IT experts seeking to ply their trade in the cloud.

Cloud Architect Certifications — This certification is best for those of you with design skills and goals, whether for developing enterprise-level private clouds from the infrastructure or developing cloud storage solutions.

The certifications on these lists cover private and public cloud technologies, a broad expanse that includes :

  • SaaS – Software as a Service

  • PaaS – Platform as a Service

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud

The Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with Oracle will instruct you in Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning software, an integrated multi-module application that supports business forms. Oracle is one of the top ERP vendors and the skills gained will allow you to become more valuable in the current commercial place. Oracle certification is valuable to hire managers who want to distinguish among certified candidates for critical IT experts position.

This program enables students to become skilled in Oracle Supply Chain and sets them up for the Oracle Supply Chain Certified Professional Consultant examination. Students who complete this certification will have the ability to implement and support eBusiness Supply Chain applications.

  • Web development

Java is a widely used computer programming language. Web developers use it to create applications found across the Internet via multiple platforms, for example PCs and smartphones. Web developers design and create websites, maintain client websites, troubleshoot problems, and write code for Java-enabled websites. Oracle has certifications divided into two different levels.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) is the entry level exam in the Oracle certification path. This OCA exam tests the fundamentals and basics of the technology. For candidates that have achieved this certification without any work experience, the expectation is that they have show knowledge of the fundamentals and can be expected to perform satisfactorily under supervision.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is the second level in the Oracle certification way. This examination tests your in-depth knowledge on the technology. Bu, still it is not the final level. There are Oracle Certified Master (OCM)and Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) as the more advanced level of Oracle certifications.

  • Big Data

The field of big data, analytics and business intelligence is extremely popular, and the number of certifications is ticking up accordingly. Furthermore, IT experts with big data and related certifications are growing in demand. Big data system administrators manage, store and transfer large sets of data, making it accessible for analysis. Data analytics is the practice of examining the raw data to draw conclusions and recognize patterns.

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