Internet of Things – The Next Gen Tech


Ready for the next gen tech? The next gen tech is going to surprise us with new innovations. With it flourishing globally, the Internet and its peripherals have come to a long way since last 20 years. Starting from the modem dial-up on demand to broadband, then to Web 2.0 and a 4G mobile internet of today. It has continued to drive in new trends for all. BUT, since change is the only thing that’s constant, we wonder what’s next?

You accept or reject it, but the world is evolving speedily towards a perfect world where everything will be connected to the Internet. Every one of us is eagerly waiting for the next big thing that will change our life to a great extent – ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Yes, it’s the one that has already been quite familiar to us but it’s going to comfort our living further.

Let’s try to understand what exactly the ‘Internet of Things’ is. In simple terms, it’s the networking of devices and objects used daily, connected via the internet and managed in clusters, with a software. The objects allocated with unique identifiers that can communicate over the network. It’s a belief that networking of daily objects and devices to allow then to receive and send data is not only the next big thing but the biggest enhancement in the world of Internet since its start.

The next question that strikes our mind is what things or devices would be based on IoT? Currently, we all are using some various objects wirelessly – such as the wireless printer, laptop, desktop, tablet, household lights and lamps which can be controlled via the Internet, is nothing but an IoT device. Work is been put into connecting almost everything like the cars, household appliances, city infrastructure (traffic management systems, industry sending data about power usage and waste output a city, etc.), personal electronic devices (personal finance management, nutrition and fitness management, etc.) and industrial machinery, AND controlled via the Internet. Sounds strange! But you will soon see all these things working on automatic networks where no human efforts would be required.

Internet of things will connect an infinite variety of devices and sensors to develop new and innovative future applications. These applications will need support based on elastic, reliable and agile platforms. The Internet of things just can’t be imagined without the cloud computing platforms. It is expected that in the next few years, everything right from clothes to locks and door mats will find their way onto the internet as manufacturers expand their products through Internet connecting them to form IoT.  It means there will be loads of data flying around that needs to be processed rapidly for everyone to enjoy the supply of the particular service without running out of stock.

Cloud computing is one of the best platforms to support Internet of things as one will need to serve the users who can be anywhere and at any time, day or night. There are various data centers managed by cloud hosting providers at different locations that make it perfect for increased analysis. Some cloud providers offer pay-as-you-go service which means that you can expand for peaks and then decrease paying only for the period you used the service. In addition to this, these providers can serve millions of users with their great infrastructure along with providing different products for shared load balancing security and so on.

The collaboration of both, cloud as well as IoT, will also help in lifting the startups from the ground-zero without inputting upfront capital in the resources toward infrastructure. Also, companies will be able to research on accurate data that will predict consumer preferences and behavior. With these insights, manufacturers or retailers will be able to define customized special solutions for the particular audience and deliver it to their smartphone during shopping. We can expect nothing less that miracles from cloud computing in order to promote real-time data access.

Are you thinking that you aren’t into IoT yet? Then look around and you will be surprised to find there are many devices – from gas pumps to washing machines that can access and transmit data over the Internet. The ATM is the perfect example of IoT. Even our smartphones make a part of an IoT. So, let’s prepare ourselves to embrace the Internet of Things that will take off your life to luxury and happiness.