Learn About Microsoft’s Open Source Work at First DECODED Conference in Dublin



Technology has had a profound impact on all of our lives, yet the stories of many of the people behind it are rarely told. So John Shewchuk, a Microsoft Technical Fellow, put together the Decoded video series on YouTube to tell these stories. The series focuses on non-Microsoft technologies used by Open Source developers. In the first two episodes we focused on responsive user interfaces with Jacob Thornton, a co-inventor of Bootstrap and the inventor of NPM (watch the first episode, below).

With such a great stories to tell why leave it to just a YouTube series? We’re not!

We are going to have our first Decoded conference. Linux and OSS are already increasingly becoming a larger part of Microsoft’s developer story (Linux on Azure and Bash in Windows are great examples) and this trend is something that we continue to support. With these developments there will be a lot of great content for Linux and OSS developers.

Come join us at the Decoded conference where you can learn more about what Microsoft is doing with Open Source and Linux and meet some of John’s team that is focused on leveraging the best available technologies to help you solve your hardest problems!

Who: John Shewchuk (and his Merry Band of Engineers)
What: The Inaugural Decoded conference
Where: O’Reilly Hall, University College of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
When: May 5-7, 2016
Why: To discuss the things we’re doing with Open Source, Linux and the Community
Where: O’Reilly Hall, University College of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Cost: Free Admission (You just have to cover travel)
Come join the conversation!