Learn The Future of Node.js From Industry and Community Experts at Node.js Interactive


With almost five million users a month and adoption across numerous industries, Node.js is a universal platform for web applications, IoT development, enterprise application development, and microservice architectures. Its liberal contribution policies have allowed the platform to increase the number of contributors working on the project by a sustained 100% year-over-year growth for the last several years.

To help spread Node.js best practices and take a look what the future holds for the platform, the Node.js Foundation is hosting Node.js Interactive to bring together developers, enterprise users and the Node.js community for collaboration, education, and more from November 29 – December 2 in Austin.

The conference will feature two full days of talks, workshops and keynotes focused on skill-building and knowledge-sharing in several key areas: performance, DevOps, debugging, security, machine learning, IoT, and more. A few key talks include:

Node.js State of the Union – Rod Vagg

Rod, Technical Steering Director of the Node.js Foundation and Chief Node Officer at NodeSource, will discuss progress Node.js has made in the last year as well as key technologies and focus areas for Node.js Core and the Node.js Project teams in 2017.

Express State of the Union – Doug Wilson

You’ve likely used an app built with Express. With 53+ million downloads in the last two years, Express has become one of the key toolkits for building web applications. Express underpins some of the most significant projects that support Node.js and is heavily used by enterprises; the popular blogging framework Ghost; Loopback, a Node.js API framework, and many more. Doug Wilson, the rock of the Express community, will be talking about the progress that Express has made over the last year and showcase what is in store for future versions.

JavaScript Will Let Your Site Work Without JavaScript – Sarah Meyer of Buzzfeed

Is your site heavy and slow, especially on mobile devices? You might want to look into isomorphic JavaScript with Node.js. Any industry that demands superior customer satisfaction with their website, which is pretty much all industries, should know about isomorphic JavaScript. It has certainly helped with Rent the Runway. Sarah Meyer, now a software engineer at Buzzfeed, will provide an overview of how isomorphic JavaScript can be used to better users’ experiences on web pages, and subsequently make a developer’s life a lot easier.

Shedding Light on the Darknet – Dr. Nwokedi Idika of Google

What does the darknet really mean? Dr. Nwokedi Idika, software engineer at Google, asked this very question, and after multiple interviews, he came out with the same conclusion: confusion. His presentation will help right the common misconceptions about the darknet from concepts to technologies.

Slaying Monoliths with Docker and Node.js – Yunong Xiao of Netflix

At the heart of nearly every request from subscribers is Netflix’s data access platform. It enables Netflix’s innovative UIs to communicate efficiently with its bevy of backend services while also maintaining a large and ever growing subscriber base, which currently stands at 75 million members.

How does Netflix continue to grow with this monolithic platform? During Node.js Interactive, Yunong Xiao, senior Node.js software engineer at Netflix.com, will discuss a new container-based data access platform that the Netflix team is building to replace its monolith, and how they are using Node.js to instrument it all.

The third day of the conference will kick off with Code & Learn. If you are interested in learning how to contribute to Node.js, this is the right event for you. Code & Learn provides hands-on workshops and encourages new developers to tackle real problems in the code base – all with live, in-person support from mentors who attend Node.js conferences.

During the afternoon of December 1 through December 2, the Node.js Foundation will host a Collaboration Summit, which will feature un-conference sessions to discuss the present and future direction of Node.js. Have an interest in helping shape the future of Node.js? Join the Collaboration Summit.

View the full schedule to learn more about this marquee event for Node.js developers, companies that rely on Node.js, and vendors. Or register now for Node.js Interactive.