BackSlash Linux – A new Cool Looking Distro in the Community

Screenshot of BackSlash Linux Anna 

BackSlash Linux ​is an Indian Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu and Debian and uses a Modified version of Cinnamon as it’s Default Desktop Environment. It also includes many Drivers and applications pre-installed out of the box.

The Latest Release for the Operating System is BackSlash Linux “Anna”. The name “Anna” is taken from the character Anna in Disney’s Movie Frozen. The motto of the Operating System is “Change needs Courage”. As stated on the main page of the Operating System’s website, “With out of the box Office Productivity Suite, Video and Audio calling, full device driver support and Security, BackSlash Anna also delivers awesome looks and new experiences”.


  • Out-of-the box Support for almost all drivers.
  • Reliable Security of Canonical’s Ubuntu
  • Out of the box installation of WPS Office, Skype, and other productive apps.
  • Support for Windows Applications natively.

System Requirements
​BackSlash is low on system Requirements and needs only a Core2Duo processor with 1 GB RAM to run flawlessly. A video memory of 128 MB is recommended for Visual Effects.

Desktop Environment and Variants

​BackSlash has it’s own desktop environment which is a heavily modified version of Linux Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop Environment. Here is a screenshot of BackSlash Anna’s Desktop:

BackSlash DE

The Application menu has both List view and Category View, as noticed on most of the Linux Distros and the Dock is Transparent giving a clear look. The icons are round making the look amazing and the Distro is highly stable and it didnot report any error after a use of 72 hours.

As of Variants the Distro doesn’t ship with multiple variants but it includes Unity and Gnome (Flashback and Compiz) as extra Desktop Environments along with the default one.

The development rate of BackSlash Linux is very fast and new releases are released after every month or so and is very fast at fixing bugs.

​Final Verdict

​The Operating System is a great start to used with Office or Personal use with almost everything included in it and is surely a thing to try out. But, it cannot be seen as a replacement Distro as the Distro is still young and needs to mature.

Official Website:​