Linux / Open Source on Churches


There’s a lot of churches that I know that use pirated software from Operating System, Office Applications, Accounting, to Lyrics/Bible Projection.

How sad to think that many of IT / Computer Technicians working in churches are using their skills in a very wrong way.

I think Its time to correct things by recommending them to buy license or use alternative open source software that are needed by church.

I talked to church heads about this and open about open source alternative software getting their responses that they are not aware that there are available free open source sofware that they can use as an alternative to commercial software.

Below are highly recommended alternative softwares that are capable of running a church without any amount to spend.

  1. LXLE – Light Operating System (for old and new PCs/Laptops)
  2. OpenLP – Lyrics and Bible Projection Software
  3. Quelea – Lyrics and Bible Projection Software
  4. LibreOffice – Office Suite
  5. Audacity – Audio recording and editor
  6. Open Broadcaster – Video Recording and Live streaming
  7. VLC – Video / Music player
  8. GIMP – Image Manipulator
  9. digiKam – Photo Management
  10. Converseen – Batch Image Processor
  11. KMyMoney – Personal Finance Manager
  12. Thunderbird – Email application
  13. Firefox – Web browser
  14. Chromium – Web browser
  15. Brasero – CD/DVD Burning Application
  16. Rhythmbox – Music Player
  17. Bibletime – Bible Study Software

And many more.

Hope to correct things as we help each other and share His glory.

God bless Open Source.