VRRP four nodes setup on RDO Liberty (CentOS 7.1)


Sample bellow demonstrates uninterrupted access, providing via HA Neutron router,  to cloud VMs  running on Compute node, when two installed Network Nodes node are swapping MASTER and BACKUP roles (as members of keepalived pair).
    Following bellow is brief instruction for 4 node deployment test Controller & 2x(Network) & Compute nodes on RDO Liberty (CentOS 7.1), which was performed on Fedora 21 host with KVM/Libvirt Hypervisor  (32 GB RAM, Intel Core i7-4790  Haswell CPU, ASUS Z97-P ) .Four VMs (4 GB RAM, 4 VCPUS)  have been setup.
  Controller VM one (management subnet) VNIC, 2xNetwork Nodes VM three VNICS (management,vtep’s external subnets),  Compute Node VM two VNICS (management,vtep’s subnets)

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