RDO Triple0 QuickStart HA Setup on Intel Core i7-4790 Desktop

This posting follows up Deploying OpenStack on just one hosted server   but is focused on utilizing i7 4790/4770  CPUs  with inexpensive boards like ASUS Z97-P having 32 GB RAM.  As remote workstation C2D E8400 with 8 GB RAM has been used . OS installed on both PCs was CentOS 7.2 (Release 1604). Mentioned  environment allows in about couple of hours to obtain stable working configuration based on ha.yml template :-
# Deploy an HA openstack environment.
# This will require (6144 * 4) == approx. 24GB for the overcloud
# nodes, plus another 8GB for the undercloud, for a total of around
# 32GB.

control_memory: 6144
compute_memory: 6144
undercloud_memory: 8192

# Giving the undercloud additional CPUs can greatly improve heat’s
# performance (and result in a shorter deploy time).
undercloud_vcpu: 4

# Create three controller nodes and one compute node.
  – name: control_0
    flavor: control
  – name: control_1
    flavor: control
  – name: control_2
    flavor: control

  – name: compute_0
    flavor: compute
  – name: compute_1
    flavor: compute

# We don’t need introspection in a virtual environment (because we are
# creating all the “hardware” we really know the necessary
# information).
introspect: false

# Tell tripleo about our environment.
network_isolation: true
extra_args: >-
  –control-scale 3 –compute-scale 2 –neutron-network-type vxlan
  –neutron-tunnel-types vxlan
  -e /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/environments/puppet-pacemaker.yaml
  –ntp-server pool.ntp.org
deploy_timeout: 75
tempest: false
pingtest: true

Complete text may be seen here http://dbaxps.blogspot.com/2016/06/attempt-of-rdo-triple0-quickstart-ha.html