The Story of PhillipOS, Deri, and Timen: My life as a programmer (PhillipOS Download Link Included)



PhillipOS is a linux distro I developed that is based on OpenSUSE 13.2. I first started developing operating systems in 2005 when I started to develop Ingos Linux build one, based on Ubuntu 4.10. When I finished it, I sent to a few of my friends via email, and they all liked it.

In early 2006, I was still interested in Ingos Linux development, and I started work on build two. It was based on Ubuntu 5.04, and featured many of the same features as Ubuntu 5.04, but the live cd file was much larger, due to much graphical improvements with Ingos Linux. I finished the build in 2 months, and sent it to my friends in June 2006. They said that they preferred the first build, due to the fact that the bigger hard disk space it takes up made it crash more often. I started to fix the bugs for a third build, but soon lost interest in Ingos Linux, and stopped development in September 2006.

2 years later, in 2008, I regained interest, and decided to develop Ingos Linux again. I started on a new third build. When I finished the build in November 2008, I sent it to my friends, and they recommended that I post it on a Linux web forum. So on 14 November 2008, I posted it to a linux web forum called It got good feedback from members.

A few days after, on 19 November 2008, a computer programmer named Kobie asked me how I developed the operating system. We soon gained a friendship, and we founded a software company called Deri Computer Software Development in January 2009.

I worked at the company for a few months before I left in May 2009 to develop “ShareTos”, a GUI for Arch Linux. The project was finished in February 2010, and posted on

Around this time, Kobie emailed me with a download link for Deri’s new operating system, ACA Server 2011, based on the hybrid kernel. I downloaded it and tested it out, and liked it. I rejoined the company in May 2010, and started development on Sony Linux build one, based on Ubuntu 9.10. Once I finished it, in December 2010, I tried to post it to, but the forum was taken down, so I just sent it to my friends and also all the staff of Deri. They all gave positive feedback, so I started to develop an RTM version.

However, in May 2011, I suffered a major computer error, and all the source code was lost.

In August 2011, I started development on Deri-HDOS, which stood for Deri Hard Disk operating system. This was based on the hybrid kernel. However, I soon gave up development in December 2011.

In January 2012, Kobie and I started on “9OS”, a linux distro based on Ubuntu 11.04. I focused on the programs and source code, and Kobie focused on the visual of the OS. However, Kobie soon lost interest, but I continued on with the project until May 2013. Part of the source code for PhillipOS is from this project.

In October 2013, me and a few members of the Deri staff started development on “10OS”, to keep the naming similar. 10OS was based on Ubuntu 13.10. Development ceased in March 2014.

PhillipOS development started in July 2014 as an official Deri project. It was based on Linux Mint 16. However, when Deri defunct in December 2014, I carried on development after I converted the source code from Linux Mint 16 to OpenSUSE 13.2. In May 2015, Kobie and I started working together again, and we founded Timen Computeronics. We continued developing PhillipOS together. The latest build, 1.11, was finalized on November 2, 2015.