Using moblin-chroot

Article Source Moblin Documentation
April 2, 2009, 9:31 pm

There are two major usage models for moblin-chroot, one-shot image post processing and multiple times changes.

For one-shot time image processing, type like following:


sudo moblin-chroot  -c livecd moblin-netbook-core-200903131337.iso


The above command creates a chroot from the input LiveCD image with a few bind mounts like /proc /sys /dev/pts and /parentroot. With those bind mounts, it is possible to exchange files in the chroot environment with a host using the /parentroot mount and run yum install/remove and any other network related operations. After modification of the environment is done, type “exit” to trigger creation of a new live ISO image from the chroot environment with the changes

It is also possible to keep the development environment described above to make additional changes. This is done using the following command:


sudo moblin-chroot -s chroot-fs-2 –unpack-only¬† moblin-netbook-core-200903131337.iso


This creates a folder named after chroot-fs in the current directory for the chroot environment from the LiveCD image. Whenever you would like make changes in that chroot environment, just jump into it with:


sudo moblin-chroot chroot-fs-2


When you’re ready to create an image from the chroot environment, execute the following command to create a LiveCD image:


sudo moblin-chroot -c livecd –convert-only chroot-fs/