Using moblin-image-convertor

Article Source Moblin Documentation
April 2, 2009, 8:29 pm

This utility is used to transform a virtual machine image (KVM or VMDK) to a live image. The most often used form is like below:


sudo moblin-image-convertor –srcimg=InputImage –dstformat=Targegformat


For example, to transform a KVM raw image to LiveCD image, type:


sudo moblin-image-convertor –srcimg=moblin-netbook-core-200902200545/moblin-netbook-core-200902200545-sda.raw –dstformat=livecd


A new LiveCD image of moblin-converted-from-raw-200902201804.iso is generated. The tool detects the type of input image: kvm or vmdk image.

For example, you can launch a virtual machine running Moblin v2 and make changes on the virtual system like yum install/remove a package, scp a source tarball to VM, build and try it. Then with a simple “sync” or shutdown of VM, the VM image contains your changes. Using the converter, the VM image can be transformed to a live image and burned to a USB drive. Finally, you can verify changes in the target.