Why It Is Not Expensive To Spend 30% Of The total project time on testing


If you ask our project managers what is the worst ever idea to reduce the costs of app development, their answer would probably be:
“Fire the testers!â€
During product development, issues emerge when the de facto results deviate from the expected ones. Usually they are called bugs or errors and someone has to deal with them–find, describe, and avoid them. Usually, people think that testers examine the projects and this is true. However, this is only part of the testers’ job as testing starts far earlier.
In this article, we would like to discuss the general problems that testers solve every day and show why they are equally as important as the other team members.

1. Can developers avoid bugs?
It is impossible to avoid bugs during the development phase. However, it is possible to minimize or even eliminate their influence on the end product when the team organizes the testing process in the proper way.

2. Why do projects need tests?
Testing is a series of steps aimed at making a software product meet all requirements (and achieve this goal within optimal time limits), and, thus, it simultaneously examines all possible user scenarios. Results are the basis of any successful testing, i.e. your software will function exactly as expected and any features the team implemented during the development phase will work correctly.

3. When does testing start?
Any project starts from an idea, then the team formulates the scope of the project. Next, the technical experts, together with the customer, create the design of the project and write documentation, and only after that the development process starts. It is a mistake to believe that testing begins only when the coding is finished. Testing begins when the technical documentation writing starts as testers are full members of the technical expert team. When the business analysts describe all functions to the full extent, testers help them check whether the chosen solution allows them to scale the project, grants use of various platforms, and, most importantly, does not contain contradictions.