RDO Liberty Set up for three Nodes (Controller+Network+Compute) ML2&OVS&VXLAN on CentOS 7.1


As advertised officially
 In addition to the comprehensive OpenStack services, libraries and clients, this release also provides Packstack, a simple installer for proof-of-concept installations, as small as a single all-in-one box and RDO Manager an OpenStack deployment and management tool for production environments based on the OpenStack TripleO project
   In posting bellow I intend to demonstrate that packstack on Liberty  is not so much limited as told above. It still handles Multi Node Deployments, which might require some post installation actions to be performed (as VRRP or DVR post-configuration for instance). The real issue for packstack is HA Controller setup. Here RDO Manager is supposed to get a significant advantage, replacing with comprehensive CLI a lot of manual configuration.

Complete text is available here