Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Munzali Garba


The Linux Foundation offers many resources for developers, users, and administrators of Linux systems. One of the most important offerings is its Linux Certification Program. The program is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in a job market that’s hungry for your skills.

How well does the certification prepare you for the real world? To illustrate that, the Linux Foundation is featuring some of those who have recently passed the certification examinations. These testimonials should serve to help you decide if either the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) or the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCA) certification is right for you. In this installment of our ongoing series, we talk with Munzali Garba about his experiences.  

LFCS Munzali Garba
How did you become interested in Linux and open source?

I became interested in Linux when I started coding and learned of this entirely free, open source, and powerful system that a lot of computer tech pros used (and which also powered most of the servers on the Internet). Then I looked into it, found Ubuntu was the most popular distro …and so the glorious journey began.

What Linux Foundation course did you achieve certification in? Why did you select that particular course?

The LFCS. I selected that because it seemed to be the most appropriate, given my background and experience.

What are your career goals? How do you see Linux Foundation certification helping you achieve those goals and benefiting your career?

To ultimately become an IT systems operations manager by gradually building on current skills and expertise and obtaining credible certifications such as the LFCS and the LFCE to prove my capabilities along the way.

What other hobbies or projects are you involved in? Do you participate in any open source projects at this time?

A few software projects to optimize operations at a local institution using IT.

No, I am currently not involved in any open source projects at this time, although I hope to be in the near future.

Do you plan to take future Linux Foundation courses? If so, which ones?

Oh absolutely! I am currently looking at the “Advanced Linux System Administration and Networking,” “Linux Security,” and “Compliance Basics for Developers” courses

In what ways do you think the certification will help you as a systems administrator in today’s market?

It gives a great advantage as it is a technical ability oriented certification that improves employer confidence.

What Linux distribution do you prefer and why?

I wouldn’t say I strictly “prefer” it, but I’m certainly most familiar with Ubuntu, so that is where I predominantly find myself leaning towards. But I’m still looking to work with others at depth before I conclusively decide.

Are you currently working as a Linux systems administrator? If so, what role does Linux play?

Not currently.

Where do you see the Linux job market growing the most in the coming years?

I think Linux growth is boundless. With new technology offshoots and exponential growth of existing ones, Linux talent will continue to be highly sought after.

What advice would you give those considering certification for their preparation?

Cover the required competencies, practice, don’t be afraid to break things and practice some more. (Full disclosure: I practiced a lot on a VM so it was fairly safe to break things). It’s also incredibly helpful to be familiar with man pages and help options.

Learn more about Linux through the free “Introduction to Linux” course from The Linux Foundation and edX.

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