Linux Foundation LFCS and LFCE: Jorluis Perales


The Linux Foundation offers many resources for developers, users, and administrators of Linux systems. One of the most important offerings is its Linux Certification Program. The program is designed to help you differentiate yourself in a job market that’s hungry for your skills.

How well does the certification prepare you for the real world? To illustrate that, the Linux Foundation is featuring some of those who have recently passed the certification examinations. These testimonials should serve to help you decide if either the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) or the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) certification is right for you. This time, we talk with recently certified Jorluis Perales.

LFCS and LFCE: Jorluis Perales
How did you become interested in Linux and open source?

I became interested in Linux a few years ago, when I realized how easy it was to use a different OS that required less resources and the best of all, was available for free. I downloaded a CentOS image and created my very first machine. Staring at the terminal, I thought, “Now what?”. It was hard at the beginning, coming from a stylish GUI interface and then facing a terminal. I started to read lot of Linux books, followed step-by-step tutorials, and of course not giving up. Within a month, I created multiple Linux servers like Apache server, NFS, Mail and Proxy server, started to participate in several local Linux conferences, and made good connections which helped me to understand the benefits of using Linux for everything.

What Linux Foundation course did you achieve certification in? Why did you select that particular course?

I achieved both the LFCS and recently the LFCE. Both exams make it very apparent how well you understand Linux and its functionality. I created multiple virtual labs and practiced a lot… and I mean a lot. Both exams were challenging, but it feels so good when you study and know exactly how things work in Linux.

What are your career goals? How do you see Linux Foundation certification helping you achieve those goals and benefiting your career?

I would like to become a Linux Advisor. I love resolving Linux issues and educating people to leave their fear of Linux behind. The Linux Foundation certifications have helped me a lot to understand the real-world scenarios where the knowledge you’ll get through their certifications will prepare you to solve Linux problems and deliver better solutions.

What other hobbies or projects are you involved in? Do you participate in any open source projects at this time?

I have a Raspberry Pi, which a use for every single project that crosses my mind. Having Linux as its OS makes things easy to work with and also keeps me in a constant state of learning.

Do you plan to take future Linux Foundation courses? If so, which ones?

OpenStack caught my attention, so I am going to keep an eye on that certification.

In what ways do you think the certification will help you as a systems administrator in today’s market?

In a world where Linux is enjoying more and more market share within IT, having the knowledge that the certifications offer will make you stand out among others.

What Linux distribution do you prefer and why?

CentOS definitely. There is not anything you cannot do with this distribution. CentOS is easy to deploy and manage, very easy to learn. Since it is backed up by Red Hat, you’ll be more than prepared to take on any Red Hat issue and solve it like a champion.

Are you currently working as a Linux systems administrator? If so, what role does Linux play?

Sadly, I am not. I work as a Storage Engineer. There are a few Linux scenarios where I can put in practice what I learned, but that does not stop me from learning Linux and accomplishing my goal of becoming a Linux Expert.

Where do you see the Linux job market growing the most in the coming years?

In everything. People can no longer ignore Linux; more and more companies are changing their infrastructure to make way for open source tools that offer better solutions for their needs. Who will be there to administer their data center? We will.

What advice would you give those considering certification for their preparation?

Practice! And by practicing I mean a LOT. The main key is doing everything over and over again, by preparing several virtual labs. There are a lot of videos, books, and courses that will give you the knowledge needed to get certificated; do not follow only one source.

Learn more about Linux through the free “Introduction to Linux” course from The Linux Foundation and edX.

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