2001 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards


Author: JT Smith

jeremy writes: The 2001 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Awards have come to a close. You can view the results here. Thank you to everyone that voted. Here are the winners:

Browser of the year – Konqueror AND Mozilla
This was one of the closest awards. We have a dead tie between Konqueror and Mozilla, both had 21.98%. Netscape and Opera were right behind them with 19.23% and 18.68% respectivly.

Distribution of the Year – Red Hat
Red Hat was a pretty stong winner here with 35.29%. Mandrake was not too far behind.

Database of the Year – MySQL
No surprise here. MySQL was the clear winner with 64.65%. The one surprise was that Oracle tied PostgreSQL for second.

FTP Server of the Year – ProFTPD
ProFTPD was a solid winner in this category with 40.48%. But WU-FTPD came in second. Have a taught you nothing?

Web Server of the Year – Apache
This was by far the most lop-sided battle. Apache came in with a whopping 96.90% of the votes. wow!

Desktop Environment of the Year – KDE
KDE came out much stronger then I thought it would with 68.90% of the votes. Gnome was second, with my personal favorite Ximian a quite distant third.

Window Manager of the Year – Enlightenment
Another very close race. Enlightenment came out just ahead with 25.56%. Coming in a close second and third were Sawfish (21.05%) and Window Maker (20.30%).

Editor of the Year – Vim
Vim came out ahead with 34.11%. The surprise here to me was that pico got almost as many votes as Emacs.

Office Suite of the Year – Star Office
Star Office ran away with this one with 66.67%. Koffice was a distant second with 22.50%.

Mail Client of the Year – Kmail
I think KDE (31.13%) being so popular skewed this one a little. Trusty old pine came in second (18.54%) while the very slick Evolution came in third (14.57%).

Game of the Year – Quake III
Quake III came out ahead here with 39.37%. Return to Castle Wolfenstein (26.77) was a respectable second.

Thanks again to all that voted. Time to start thinking about your nominee’s for next year.