BRU-Pro 2.0 backup and recovery solution for Linux backs itself up


Author: JT Smith

The TOLIS Group, Inc., a Talented Organization Leveraging Intelligent Solutions, today announces BRU-Pro[tm] 2.0 will begin shipping to customers on March 19, 2002. The advanced features of BRU-Pro 2.0 running on a cost effective, reliable Linux box provides ultra-reliable backup and data recovery services on medium to large heterogeneous network systems. Introductory pricing will be in effect for the first 30 days of product availability.

“The market need for the functionality of BRU-Pro 2.0 is clear. The importance of data and its availability has never been greater, and the impact of interrupted access spans from disruptive to catastrophic. But what if the backup system fails? BRU-Pro 2.0 literally backs itself up,” said Tim Jones, president of the TOLIS Group. “BRU-Pro 2.0 running under Linux provides a most compelling backup system argument.”

In addition to storing archive catalogs on the server disk like other backup applications, BRU-Pro 2.0 also writes the catalogs and indexes to tape along with each archive. The redundant locations are critical since the server disk drive is the device with the highest failure rate within the backup management system. Should that hard disk fail, simply replace the drive, reload BRU-Pro, and the catalogs and indexes are automatically recreated on the drive. In contrast to alternative approaches, the renewed availability of archived data is not measured in terms of lengthy downtime and expensive, manual rebuilds of the catalogs and indexes.

Additional key features of BRU-Pro 2.0 include: encrypted data streams from the client to the server, client-side data compression to optimize use of available network bandwidth, NFS/SMB mounts to backup NAS boxes on the network, QFA (Quick File Access), native SCSI library support (no costly add-ins) and the ability to backup multiple clients to multiple tape destinations simultaneously for optimized throughput.

BRU-Pro 2.0 was carefully designed to assure the accuracy of archived data, and the ability to successfully recover it. The tape format of BRU-Pro 2.0, unlike tar-based products, allows verification that audits the first bit of data taken off a client system to the last bit written to tape. Since recovery can only be as accurate as the backup, this approach assures the accuracy of the backup and eliminates the 30% – 50% data recovery failure rates users typically experience. Should a tape be damaged following a backup, advanced BRU-Pro 2.0 error detection and recovery schemes assure the maximum amount of data will be recovered.

BRU-Pro 2.0 is priced at $999 and ships with 3 client licenses. Additional clients are priced on a cost-effective sliding volume scale. For the first 30 days of shipping, BRU-Pro 2.0 will be available at a special introductory price of $699.

An annual, post-warranty Extended Support Plan that provides unlimited access to expert technical support for one year via phone, fax, and email is priced at $499. The coverage also includes free updates as they may become available.


The TOLIS Group Inc. a privately held business located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to provide leading-edge products to OEMs and end-users that are effective, reliable, and of excellent value for computer users. Product focus centers on data protection solutions, and our service mark of “Software You Can Trust” guides our business.

The majority of TOLIS’ products are based on the BRU backup engine, an elegant piece of software first developed in 1985 that has evolved and remains on the leading edge of backup technology to this day. Numerous product excellence awards have recognized BRU.

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