Fedora 25 Officially Released as the First Major OS to Offer Wayland by Default


Today, November 22, 2016, Fedora Project officially announced the release of the Fedora 25 Linux-based operating system, which is a major milestone featuring the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.

Six months in development and delayed twice, Fedora 25 Linux is now available for download in its production-ready state, and it appears to be the first ever release of the distribution to ship with the next-generation Wayland display server by default, but only for the Workstation edition, which is built around the GNOME 3.22 desktop environment.

“Wayland now replaces the old X11 display server by default. Its goal is to provide a smoother, richer experience when navigating Fedora Workstation,” said Paul W. Frields, ex-Fedora Project Leader. “You can still choose the old X11 server if required. …

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