Importance of monitoring in the cloud-native world: Payal Chakravarty @Sysdig


In this interview with TFiR, Payal Chakravarty, VP, Product Management at Sysdig talks about the importance of monitoring in the Cloud Native landscape.

“One thing that’s happening in the Cloud Native Landscape is applications are shipping really fast and as applications ship fast, monitoring needs to be embedded into the DevOps workflow. And the other thing that’s coming with this is these applications are running on the containerized infrastructure. Containers are FMRI dynamic and that leads to a high explosion of operational data. So how do you analyze that data? How do you scale, ingest, gather that data? And how do you derive insights from that data? It becomes very relevant,” Chakravarty explains. So it becomes all the more important for monitoring tools in the Cloud Native world to adapt to handle that high volume of high cardinality data, metrics and being able to ingest, scale and analyze that data.

[Source: TFiR]