Lycoris Desktop/LX: New Linux distro for new Linux users


Author: JT Smith

John Gowin tells us of his review of the new Lycoris Linux distribution: “At first I was a little confused. For starters, the plastic clamshell case containing the installation CD was eerily reminiscent of those awful AOL packages I get regularly in my mail. I was also expecting to see the new Lycoris brand name, but was instead greeted with redmondlinux personal as the label on the package. (I was informed later via email from Joseph Cheek, CEO and founder of Lycoris that the next run of CDs will include the company name change.) The documentation included with the CD was a simple Installation Guide, which covered the basics for getting the distribution installed. The Guide was very clear and concise, but a little short on any useful troubleshooting information. This was a bit of foreshadowing though, because this distribution has one smooth installer.” You can read the review here at Linux Orbit.


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