Mozilla 0.9.9 browser suite milestone released


Author: JT Smith

Mozilla 0.9.9 is out! MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: “AOL-Netscape’s Mozilla Organization released the Milestone 0.9.9 edition of its Mozilla browser suite today — ten days behind schedule. . . . Mozilla 0.9.9 is the last planned milestone before the scheduled April 2002 Mozilla 1.0 release. . . . Mozilla 0.9.9 is, in effect, analogous to a final product release-candidate. Although Mozilla 0.9.9 overall seems to be the best Mozilla milestone yet, it’s really not final release-candidate quality. . . . Still noticeably absent from Mozilla is a spell checker . . . Mozilla still has lots of annoying bugs and behaviors. There are pages that display correctly with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser that do not display correctly with the Mozilla browser. . . . All-in-all, the Mozilla browser-suite still does not offer any compelling, performance reason for people to switch from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser to AOL-Netscape’s Mozilla browser. Check this story for pictures, details, links, release notes, and full story!


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