White paper examines IP routers’ growing data managment demands


Author: JT Smith

Ted Kenney writes: “Core Internet bandwidth grows at triple the rate of CPU power, but the promise of high-value applications can only be realized by managing much more data traffic at the network’s edge. This requires rapid evolution of the fundamental edge infrastructure device, the IP router. To keep pace, routing table management (RTM) software within routers must respond quickly to changing protocol and provisioning requirements. But as demands increase, proprietary routing table implementations encounter limitations in scalability, extensibility, and ease of maintenance. McObject’s new white paper “The Role of In-Memory Database Systems in Routing Table Management” examines using in-memory database systems (IMDS) within RTM software to overcome these barriers. Performance examples on Linux confirm IMDSs can meet RTM lookup and update requirements. In addition to greater development flexibility, IMDS technology provides built-in data integrity and fault tolerance. The IMDS solution improves infrastructure vendors’ competitive position by cutting the time-to-market and development costs of next-generation IP router technology.

Download the white paper at McObject’s Web site.”