Xdrive announces Unix and Linux support


Author: JT Smith

Xdrive Technologies, Inc., (http://www.xdrive.com) a leading provider of Internet Information and Content Management solutions and services, today announced its online storage and file sharing service support for Unix and Linux platforms.

Xdrive’s service enables Unix and Linux users to access, store and share files though their Xdrive accounts via a web browser-based application. “Our technology extended to support the Unix and Linux platform reinforces our leadership and commitment to provide a broad scope of information management services to every audience,” said Karl Klessig. “The Unix and Linux addendum accompanied by our support for Macintosh and the Compaq iPaq, opens our capabilities to enable usage by almost every user who has Web access on their systems.”

The service enables Unix and Linux users to store files, collaborate, back up and share files though their Xdrive accounts. Members can access, store and share their files through an established Xdrive account via any Web browser that is Java enabled, including, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator, among others.

The announcement falls on the heels of Xdrive recent acquisition of the businesses of FreeDrive, Inc. expanding Xdrive’s reach into key vertical markets, augmenting its business categories. The acquisition brings together FreeDrive’s consumer and commercial web-based storage applications with Xdrive’s software and services that provide secure access, storage, backup, sharing, synchronization and transactional management of information distributed via the Internet.

About Xdrive Technologies:

Xdrive Technologies, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Marina del Rey, Calif., the Internet Information Management Company, provides software products and services for access, storage, sharing, and transactional management of information distributed via the Internet. Strategic investors include SOFTBANK CORP., VERITAS Software, VeriSign, Inc., StorageNetworks, Inc., EMC Corporation, Network Appliance, Aether Systems, Mitsubishi Corporation, NEC Corporation, CNET Networks, Inc. and AOL/Time Warner. Financial investors include Goldman Sachs Group, Wit SoundView Ventures, Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown, Centre Partners, eCompanies-Evercore Venture Management (E2VM), Pacific Capital Group, David Bohnett’s Baroda Ventures, Davis Companies, Amos Hostetter’s Pilot House Associates and J. & W. Seligman & Co. Inc.