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Xen Hypervisor Patched for Privilege Escalation and Information Leak Flaws

The Xen Project has fixed five new vulnerabilities in the widely used Xen virtualization hypervisor. The flaws could allow attackers to break out of virtual machines and access sensitive information from host systems. According to an analysis by the security team of Qubes OS, an operating system...
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Containers to Eclipse VMs in Application Platform Space, SDxCentral Survey Says

Enterprises looking to garner more efficiency from their cloud operations are increasingly turning to containers. SDxCentral recently conducted a survey as part of our 2017 Container and Cloud Orchestration report,  and found a spike in container usage. In fact, it appears that containers could...
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An Introduction to Timekeeping in Linux VMs

Keeping time in Linux is not simple, and virtualization adds additional challenges and opportunities. In this article, I'll review KVM, Xen, and Hyper-V related time-keeping techniques and the corresponding parts of the Linux kernel. Timekeeping is the process or activity of recording how long...
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virtual network
Learn how to control Internet access for your virtual machines and network VMs with each other in this tutorial.

Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 2 — Networking

When last we met, we learned the basics of creating new virtual machines in Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 1. Now we're going to learn how to control Internet access for our virtual machines, network VMs with each other, and create new virtual networks. Internet Access Some Linux...
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Virtual Machine Manager
Learn how to create a virtual machine using the KVM hypervisor with the simple steps in this tutorial.

Creating Virtual Machines in KVM: Part 1

So, you want to stuff your Linux laptop or PC full of virtual machines and perform all manner of mad experiments. And so you shall, and a fine time you will have. Come with me and learn how to do this with KVM. KVM, kernel-based virtual machine, was originally developed by Qumranet. Red Hat bought...
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A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Containers, VMs and Docker

If you’re a programmer or techie, chances are you’ve at least heard of Docker: a helpful tool for packing, shipping, and running applications within “containers.” It’d be hard not to, with all the attention it’s getting these days — from developers and system admins alike. Even the big dogs like...
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VM migration
Live virtual machine migration is crucial to the day-to-day management of modern cloud environments but may also be a weak link in your security. Learn how to recognize and avoid these common attacks.

Tips and Tricks for Making VM Migration More Secure

A challenge for any cloud installation is the constant tradeoff of availability versus security. In general, the more fluid your cloud system (i.e., making virtualized resources available on demand more quickly and easily), the more your system becomes open to certain cyberattacks. This tradeoff is...
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Brandon Philips
Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, on stage at LinuxCon Europe talking about VM security and container workflows.

Containers and Virtual Machines: A Dynamic Duo

It's easy to think of containers and VMs as a binary choice -- deciding whether to use a VM or a container (not both) for your use case. In his keynote at LinuxCon Europe, Brandon Philips, CTO at CoreOS, talked about a case study for using VMs and containers together to take advantage of the...
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Kubernetes clusters
By adding cluster federation, Kubernetes can distribute workloads across multiple clusters; learn how in this tutorial.

Federating Your Kubernetes Clusters -- The New Road to Hybrid Clouds

Over the past six months, federation of Kubernetes clusters has moved from proof of concept to a release that is worth checking. Federation was first introduced under somewhat of a code name -- Ubernetes. And then, in Kubernetes v1.3.0, cluster federation appeared. Now, there is extensive...
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5 Common Myths about Containers

Containers are faster. Containers work only on Linux. Containers are insecure. These are all examples of myths about Docker and other container platforms that continue to persist. Some of these misconceptions reflect popular misunderstandings of containers. Others are based on information that was...
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